Bee Audacious is a unique collaborative working conference designed to envision bold evidence-based ideas through which honeybees, wild bees, beekeepers and pollination managers can prosper. Bringing experts and thought leaders from around the world, the Invitational first event will be held in Marshall, California, from December 11-13th.

The second event is a Public Panel and is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. All are encouraged to join us at Dominican University in San Rafael, California, on December 14th, 2016 to learn of the conference outcomes and what we can all do to help the planet’s pollinators.

The Public Panel will be recorded and available online. 

Please contact us to learn more and to sign up for our mailing list.

We all have a role to play in making the world safe for bees and all pollinators. Join us!

Invitational Conference

Bees work together

Working Together - Thought Leaders and experts from across the Northern Hemisphere bring New Thinking and Problem Solving at the Invitational Conference. This is a Bold New Endeavor!

Public Panel

Thought Leaders reported back on the Invitational Conference at a panel discussion held at Dominican University of California.  Video and written report available.

Leaders & Experts

These are the folks who can find the solutions to help save the bees!

Top Thought Leaders and experts from all over the Northern Hemisphere gathered to ponder and propose new solutions and practices.

Final Report

Help Save the Bees! Support the Conference!

Final report, prepared by Mark Winston and Nicole Armos, is now available.  The document includes all the details of the conference including meeting format and ideas generated.

You may have seen headlines about the rapid decline in bee populations over the past decade–as many as 30-40% of honeybee colonies are dying off every winter, and wild bees are diminishing as well. These losses are catastrophic because bees are essential for life as we know it. 

Your financial support will help us develop strategies to promote the health of honeybees and other pollinators as a direct result of the Bee Audacious Conference. This conference is the first of its kind and will bring concrete solutions to the challenges facing our pollinator partners. Your support will make this possible and will have long-lasting impacts on our common survival and wellbeing.

Support Bee Audacious with your dollars so together we can create a healthier future for bees—and for all of us. With your help we can make a real and powerful difference. Bee Audacious!

Wild bees nest in a hole in a willow tree near Steyning, West Sussex.

Audacious Idea One: Turn Pollination Management Upside Down

Audacious Idea One by Mark Winston Editor’s note: What would Bee Audacious be without Audacious Ideas? Not audacious enough!  Thought leaders have each submitted an audacious idea to help seed discussions at the Bee Audacious Conference. Here’s our first Audacious Idea….. My audacious idea is to turn pollination management upside down, making wild bees the primary
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Hives For Haiti – David MacDonald & Brian Coombs

Hives For Haiti and Our Beekeeping Adventures (story featured in BeesCene Magazine spring 2016) By David MacDonald & Brian Coombs (Originally published here by David MacDonald & Brian Coombs) They were pretty sure we wouldn’t come back. In the fall of 2013, Brian Coombs and I were giving an informal beekeeping talk at Ojene Nord’s  farm
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Honeybee Democracy: Thomas D. Seeley: Books

“Honeybee Democracy” by Tom Seeley Editor’s note: “Thomas Seeley is a beekeepers beekeeper. He’s the beek of beeks! And he knows bees like no other. We’re excited that he’ll be one of our panel of experts at this year’s Bee Audacious conference and we hope you’ll make the most of the opportunity by doing your
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If Bees Are Few: A Hive of Bee Poems: James P. Lenfestey: Books

If Bees Are Few: A Hive of Bee Poems Hardcover – May 30, 2016 by James P. Lenfestey (Editor) It is said there are 20,000 species of bees, a genus 50 million years old, but in the fertile imagination of the world’s poets, there is no beginning or end to the bee buzz. Virgil wrote of bees, as did
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Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive | Mark L. Winston

Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive by Mark L. Winston Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive | Mark L. Winston Editor’s note: We were initially inspired to host the Bee Audacious Invitational Conference of Experts by Mark’s work, his keen intellect and obvious relationship with bees. I can’t recommend this book enough! – Bonnie Being
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The Five Habits of Highly Effective Hives

By Thomas Seeley NOVEMBER 11, 2010 (Reposted with Thomas’ permission – we’re really looking forward to his contributions to Bee Audacious in December!) How the hive makes its most important decision One of the popular misconceptions about honey bees is that their lives are ruled by a queen— or perhaps by even some more fanciful system. But
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Manifesto – the Call to Action that inspired Bee Audacious

by Mark Winston (originally published at, June 22, 2015.) We often support the value of bees with economic arguments, neglecting the dimension of values, the principles we hold important and the personal and environmental standards that should be at the heart of beekeeping rather than at its fringes. The current serious issues facing bees suggest
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It’s Time for Us to Bee Audacious!

Why must we Bee Audacious? by Bonnie Morse I have worked with animals and plants in one capacity or another for much of my life, though my introduction to bees and beekeeping was somewhat accidental and happened when we discovered that our neighbor was keeping bees. The thought of multiple boxes full of stinging insects
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