Invitational Conference

Bees work together

Working Together - Thought Leaders and experts from across the Northern Hemisphere bring New Thinking and Problem Solving at the Invitational Conference. This is a Bold New Endeavor!

Public Panel

Thought Leaders reported back on the Invitational Conference at a panel discussion held at Dominican University of California.  Video and written report available.

Leaders & Experts

These are the folks who can find the solutions to help save the bees!

Top Thought Leaders and experts from all over the Northern Hemisphere gathered to ponder and propose new solutions and practices.

Final Report

Help Save the Bees! Support the Conference!

Final report, prepared by Mark Winston and Nicole Armos, is now available.  The document includes all the details of the conference including meeting format and ideas generated.


Action plans for the ideas and strategies generated by the 2016 Bee Audacious conference are coming together. A website for “10 x 10 + 10” is in development. This site is intended to act as a hub for action items and education to restore habitat and preserve biodiversity. We are also working on long term plans for a full length documentary centered on habitat.

Thank you for your financial support. Together we can create a healthier future for bees—and for all of us. With your help we can make a real and powerful difference. Don’t just be, bee audacious!