Home Landscaping in a Changing Climate: Fire Smart, Water Wise, and Biodiverse

As the climate warms and the weather gets less predictable, Bay Area home gardeners find themselves facing contradictory directives from public agencies that are each trying to address one part of the looming problem. It seems as though we may be facing a lot of hard choices. Or can we find a way to work with nature to have home landscapes that are resilient in fire and drought, yet still thrive and offer beauty and habitat both for us and other creatures?

We are putting on this symposium because we believe we can have it all. Taking an integrated and diversified approach simplifies maintenance, produces healthier living spaces and creates natural resilience to temperature swings. Come hear a gathering of experts tell of methods to manage water, enrich soil, and build fire-wise landscapes with thriving plants that encourage biodiversity. Go home reenergized, full of nature-affirming ideas you can apply to your own land. Renewal can happen anywhere. Why not start with your favorite place?