The 2016 Bee Audacious event was not a traditional conference. There were few speeches. Most of the time was spent in small groups in active dialogue started from an agenda developed in advance by the participants.  We gathered a group of constructive, collaborative and thoughtful people who brought experience from a wide variety of fields that produce impacts on pollinators. The ten thought leaders moderated participants in active dialogues to develop bold, feasible, evidence-based solutions for the future health of bees and the prosperity of those who manage them.  You can hear what was on their mind in their own words on the interviews page.

Following the main conference, the thought leaders led a panel discussion that was open to the public and moderated by Doug McConnell and presented in partnership with Dominican University’s Institute for Leadership Studies and the Department of Natural Sciences and Math.

Take a look at the final report summarizing the ideas generated by the conference prepared by Mark Winston, author of “Bee Time: Lessons From the Hive,” winner of the 2015 Governor General’s Literary Award for Non-fiction.

You can also catch up on thought leaders post conference reflections and other bee related news in our bee-log.